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Socially Responsible Science - A Living Resource

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Dilemmas hosting is provided by STAWA

Science Teachers' Association of Western Australia

Dilemmas Stories

This Web site contains a number of ethical dilemma stories about real-life examples of topical issues that relate to scientific concepts. The stories form the basis of a set of activities that are designed not only to motivate students to study the science involved in the story but also to build deeper understanding of factors influencing ethical decision-making. While being guided through the stories students are encouraged to empathise with the characters in the stories so that in thinking and reflecting critically about the sequence of events they develop an understanding of the breadth of contexts in which science is applied. The special design of the dilemma activities helps students to understand the process of ethical decision-making while enabling them to weigh-up their own views and values within the context of the story. The discussion of cultural, ethical and value-laden issues during the dilemma activities provides a backdrop against which the learning of science concepts takes on a new importance and relevance for students.

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The dilemma stories on this Web-site deal with a range of ethical issues some of which might be considered offensive by some people. While the authors and administrators regret any offense this may cause readers, no responsibility for any such offense can be accepted by either the authors or administrators.