Peter Taylor

Professor Peter Charles Taylor


I'm keen to see science and maths learning become a holistic experience for young people, in which they experience growth in intellectual, emotional and moral dimensions. A focus on values learning thru ethical dilemma stories is an excellent way of opening up new learning spaces for students to deveop their full potential.


Courses:Additional Dilemma Teaching Resources, Wetlands Dilemma, Sporting Injuries Dilemma, Climate Change Dilemma, The SRS Project - Background, Whales Rescue Dilemma, Western Swamp Tortoise Dilemma, Housing Development, Mining Dilemma, Prime Minister Dilemma, Nuclear Power Dilemma, Rice Fish Dilemma, Rocket Dilemma, Rainforest Dilemma, Dilemmas from Pakistan, Peter's Tree Dilemma, Brumby Dilemma
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