Topic outline

  • Western Swamp Tortoise Dilemma

    Bob FITZPATRICK, Armadale Senior High School, Armadale, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

    Wayne WALTERS, Perth Zoo, Perth, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

  • Topic 1

    What is it About?

    This dilemma takes students through the story of a young person living in the habitat area of the Western Swamp Tortoise. Over a period of time the young person with whom the students are encouraged to empathize confronts issues that threaten the survival of this endangered species.

  • Topic 2

    Where to Use It

    This dilemma can be used with general science classes from 13 year olds onwards when they may be studying ecosystems or biodiversity within the environment. This material would also be suitable for biology students whose syllabus requires them to study ecosystems.

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