Topic outline

  • Urbanisation Dilemma

    Dr Ray Williams & Tim Manea, Saint Marks Anglican Community College, Hillarys, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

  • Topic 1

    Over the years you observe from your bedroom window gradual changes to the landscape. You witness a town developing: more people, more houses, cats, dogs, shops. You also see how this development comes at the expense of the native flora and fauna which you once enjoyed gazing upon as a young child. As you note the changes in scenery, you ask yourself: to what extent is urban development affecting the natural environment and what will be the future costs involved?

  • Topic 2

    What is It About?

    This dilemma describes the story of someone watching the development of a block of land from a window over several years. The students are encouraged to put themselves in the position of the person in the story and observe how land development affects the native environment. The activity aims to provoke a greater understanding of the way that environments can be changed through human activity and the importance of some knowledge of mathematics in relation this scenario.

  • Topic 3

    Where To Use It?

    This dilemma project was designed and used to collaboratively teach maths and English education at an advanced  year 9 (14 year old) level.

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