Topic outline

  • Mining Dilemma

    Mei Ling CHOW, Yule Brook College, Maddington, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA


  • Topic 1

    It is the height of Western Australia’s mining boom and like many West Australian's working in the mining industry, your dad is a fly-in fly-out contractor. He is then offered a position in a new mine, established in the region where you live: the beautiful and ecologically delicate Kimberleys. Do you support your dad’s decision to take the job? Or do you support your mum, siblings and local community protesting against the new mine?

  • Topic 2

    What is It About?

    This dilemma describes the story of a young boy whose father has been chosen as the new project officer for a proposed mining site in the Kimberley.

    The students are encouraged to put themselves in the position of the boy in the story. They are asked to decide whether to support his father in taking the position with the mining company or support the local community who are against the mine.

    The activity aims to encourage critical reflective thinking about the mining industry and its impact on the surrounding environment by outlining the mining process and the relationship between industry, society and the ecosystem.

  • Topic 3

    Where to Use It?

    This dilemma was used in collaboration with Science, and Society and Environment classes at a year 9 level (14 years old).

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