Topic outline

  • Sporting Injuries Dilemma

    Jenny GULL, Duncraig Senior High School, Duncraig, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

    Bob FITZPATRICK, SPICE, University of Western Australia, Crawley, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

  • Topic 1

    What is it About?

    This dilemma tells the story of an athlete who has their future health threatened by a sporting injury. The dilemma sets up the counter-arguments of whether it is better to spend money on fixing sports injuries or major diseases, and also provides a context for the study of biomechanics and the physics of human movement.

  • Topic 2

    Where to Use It

    This activity could be used for 15-16 year old physics students as an engagement activity before studying forces and motion, or for general science students from the age of 14 years.

  • Topic 3